Why Jesus?

“He never had a college degree, yet they called Him teacher; He never owned a slave, yet they called Him Lord.” (inspired from “One Solitary Life”)

Before Jesus came “people already knew about God in a vague way. Then came a man- Jesus, who claimed to be God; and yet He wasn’t the sort of man you could dismiss as a lunatic. They met Him after they’d seen Him killed. And then, after they had been formed into a little society or community, they found God somehow inside them as well: directing them, making them able to do things they couldn’t do before.” –C.S. Lewis

Jesus is not ‘man who became God’ but God who became a man. This is the meaning of Christmas, “that he who was in the cradle was He who is Almighty God at the same time… the smallest and most helpless of all beings, having in himself the center of Divinity.”

Until this point, man was separated from God (Corinthians 15, Romans 5, and Genesis 3) but in the person of Jesus the Divine and the Human are united in this One being Who is truly God and truly man. He has become the Bridge, man’s only chance to catch a glimpse of the divine: what is God like? How will heaven be?

Why is He man’s one and only bridge to God? Because He is God Himself, the one big enough to reach us. We humans fall short of being able to reach up; in Jesus – God reached down.

Christianity is based on Jesus. Take Jesus out of it and you have nothing.


Man is sinful by nature. What this means is – we are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners. Our actions are the symptom of something deeper. We have inherited this nature. Christianity is not about behaviour modification, it is about life transformation. We are sinners not because of our own actions, creation had a falling out, away from God’s beauty (read about it in Paul’s letter to the Romans, also the book of Hebrews: both are books from the New Testament – the latter half of the Bible). As a result, man lost the image of God.

But the good news is that God is reconciling man to Himself in Jesus. He does this because He still loves His creation. Death was never a part of God’s creation; it is a result of man’s fall from grace. (Genesis 3)

The Cross

The real idea behind Jesus’ birth was His death. His death was not some tragic martyrdom that was unexpected. There was a sentence against humanity and we were all helpless; we all sinned because of our nature, and we all died.

If there could be born a man without this sinful nature, death could have no hold over him. Jesus was born of a virgin – He did not inherit this sinful nature. He was One who had no curse over his head, One who could take on the curse of another, in fact He paid all our dues in being put to death. (Read Isaiah 53)

Now that God became man, the hands which made the universe could be nailed to a tree. When God created the universe, He created mankind in His own image; but more recently -like 2000 years ago God became! Yes, God was made into the image of man. Why? To restore God’s image which was lost in man!

(You can read about how humanity was separated from God in the Bible: Romans 5, and Genesis 3)

The resurrection

God became man, this man was put to death. What looked like the ultimate defeat for the Kingdome of God was in fact the ultimate victory for God, it is great news for us because it is the ultimate defeat of death. Death thrived in sin and in injustice but when Jesus died: He paid it all and all injustice was put to shame – God’s justice was upheld at last.

Death’s hold on man was his sinful nature; Jesus had no sin in Him; lo and behold: death couldn’t hold Him; three days after He died He rose up from the dead and became the life giving being to anyone and all who draw near to Him. In Him is life and perfect peace.

Death is not the end of our lives, Jesus lives and raises all the dead. And He shall return as ruler.

Jesus came that we might become sons of God in Him.